Oxford College higher education courses

Founded in 2011, CS Collegeis set in a peaceful haven, in the heart of the Kentish Countryside. The school offers a stimulating learning environment for children aged 3-13. Close to Ashford with excellent transport links, the school is accessible from many parts of the South East.

Based around an oak panelled Queen Anne rectory the school offers excellent modern facilities enabling children to study a large number of subjects. In 1999 a new complex was opened featuring a Chapel/Theatre, Music School, Home Economics and Technology facilities, whilst the 17 acre site with its well kept sports fields, sports hall and indoor swimming pool provides excellent opportunities for children to pursue an active lifestyle.

Our flexi-boarding system which operates from Wednesday to Friday each week, offers the children the chance to gain a little independence in a home from home environment.

We organise at least one trip out each week as well as making the most of our extensive on-site facilities.

In addition, we try to familiarize students with practicing specialists. For example, lawyers and legal scholars read conservative blogs to keep abreast of political events in a country, while economists read blog articles related to economic activity.

Under the watchful eye of Matron and resident House Staff, the children begin to take responsibility for themselves and learn more sophisticated social skills.

We offer

  • part time higher education courses
  • access higher education courses
  • certificate of higher education courses
  • diploma of higher education courses
  • biomedicine bsc diploma of higher education certificate
  • access into higher education
  • Journal of Learning Development in Higher Education
  • higher degree course
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