5 Years Plan After Graduation Business Plan Example

Published: 2021-06-18 05:30:27
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5 Year Plan after Graduation
1. Summary
My life starts in a good way; I was blessed with good father and mother. I have completed my schooling from one of the finest schools in the city. During my childhood, I used to create the electrical items. This paved me the way to choose electrical engineering department. This college is having with the good teachers; they are giving me quality education. Everyone after graduation finds difficult to know about their stable career life. Now, as an engineer I has to create my career plan that should bring light to my life. I planned my career plan with the care. I do hope this plan will bring many remarkable changes in my life. I have presented my life plan in this paper. I will explain the general introduction about my life plan. Presently, I am doing my electrical engineering course, and I just started my senior project its due date is Dec 2014. Initially, I would like to take a summer internship program. From my childhood, I showed much of the interest to design the digital circuits so I would like to become the embedded design engineer with sound technical background. I would like to work in Altera, Cisco, and in Atmel. By keeping this in my mind, I made the brief plan. I would like to be a lifelong learner. By being an embedded engineer, I would like to remain up to date to the new technology. This updating will help me to make an innovation in the embedded and digital technology. The most important thing is one has to implement his or her plan.
2. Impact of Educational Plan on my Future
I decided to take the electrical engineering course by my interest. Initially, I decided to study each and every concept with a deep understanding. I do hope I have creativity by nature. I started to think differently. Professors Sotoudeh Hamedi-Hagh motivated me, and he supported all my good works. Initially, I proposed a paper titled “design and prototype a warming intelligent
fabric suit for motorcyclist used in the cold weather” to the very famous funding organization called “Angels Network”, and I was successful in getting the fund from the “Angels Network”. I have made a team of members, who will act as my assistant on my project. I was successful in completing the main projects. This is the first milestone of my work. I was eagerly looking for an expert, who can help me in the automation technology; to be frank it took me much time to find. After some months, I was invited to the IEEE conference help in my native city. I attended the conference. There I got a chance to meet an expert; his name is Dr. Antony. Dr. Antony has a very good professional background in the field of automation and also he holds some IEEE publications. He guided to undertake projects in Embedded and digital technology. Now, I was doing all my projects in embedded based digital technology. From he, I got a lot of expert’s contact. This time of my college life is the bright phase. This December 2014 I will be completing my course. Presently, I would like to have an internship plan to satisfy myself because I don’t have job experience. I would like to take an internship program from the company Altera, Cisco, and Atmel. I like to have some industrial experience while studying. This will help me to have a stable industrial life. I need to understand the work culture and nature of the industries. After having a good internship program, I would like to undertake my main project in the same industry. I would like to take main projects based on automation technology. Presently, I was looking for a job because I don’t have any job experience. In future, if I get a chance to study masters degree. I would take master course in the field of embedded system design and automation. The master degree should help my career life too so I will be very keen in choosing the mater degree. I would like to take master degree from the top universities because these top universities can help me for top placements. I would like to take a job in the field of automation in one of the companies like, Altera, Cisco, and in Atmel. These companies can provide me a good technical experience in the automation field. I would like to take my take a job from one of these companies. I would like to take my career life with good pay because I have handful of project experience. I would like remain the good position in the company. I would learn as much I can from the company. I want to become an expert in my company. After have 3-4 years of work experience, I would like to make my own business in the field of automation. I would like to start my small business in the field of automation with 10-15 employees. The business should give me a good income for at least more than 25 years. I should innovate a way to start a business.
3. Learning
I would like to be a lifelong learner. The automation technology is not going to be constant. I am time variant. I should be up to date to capture about the latest automation technology. The latest innovation can only keep the business stable. The sustainability analyses have to be done to analyze the business future. My business should be stable for at least more than 25 years. I will innovate a way in doing the business differently. In my fifth year, I have planned to start a business. I will consult with some of my professors and experts to give a good start to my business. This is my 5 years plan. I have started to implement my 5 years plan in a big way. Presently, am showing much interest in taking the projects so my professors giving very good guidance to me. I do hope soon I will shine with the projects. I need to have a stable life for everything. I am expecting to have stable career life; stable family life. I need to have stable life and work balance culture. My career should not pressure me too much. I need stable work – life balance culture. I have take steps to implement my plan. I am looking for the summer internship now. I think I can implement all the steps in time to achieve my goal in life. One will always think to satisfy my soul. I can satisfy my soul by getting a good career and family life.
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