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Published: 2021-06-18 07:18:43
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Personal Statement
The importance of biotechnology in the lives of humans remains to be a debatable subject as people are divided on the topic of whether it does help mankind or not. As nature’s activities and chains are disrupted by manmade and natural causes, biotechnology comes out as a possible technological measure that helps the environment gain helps in improving the lives of humans. On the agricultural front, biotechnology could help produce high agricultural yield to feed growing populations and sustain life. This impresses me much as I acknowledge that natural resources are slowly being depleted, but with the help of biotechnological advances, I hope to be part of the solution that would help fill the gap. It is for this reason that I am applying for the PhD position in “The Agri/Cultures Project” at Genok – Centre for Biosafety (UiT The Arctic University).
My work profile has always revolved around management as I worked as a project manager for several companies in the past. I can be of help in the Biotechnology project because of my experiences in putting up open forums in Moscow and writing and preparing documentation for our group. The University can leverage on the strengths of biotechnology and I will support your group’s initiatives. I prepared press reviews and items for market research as well.
I expect the graduate work at the university to be challenging, demanding, but gratifying. I look forward to this experience because I am confident I can contribute so much from an intellectual and social point-of-view. As an individual, I hope to learn and grow with the university as I become more of a macro program manager.

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