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Published: 2021-06-18 06:12:22
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a. How does this migration from a traditional paper records system impact the skills required for medical office workers?

While medical institution adopt innovative technologies to maintain effective and efficient process of providing services, challenge on how to protect and verify medical information arises.

As part of cyber security, it is mandatory that clinical services use strong passwords and periodically change it to prevent computer attackers from gaining access to sensitive medical information. It is recommended that each organization implements strong password authentication method that allows stronger security. Furthermore, implementation of various technologies such as the EMR should require installing and maintaining of anti-viruses to prevent data corruption. Health services should also install firewalls for added layers of protection to the EMR data .

c. What risks are there with a product like Microsoft Health Vault?

Availing and using the Microsoft Health Vault allows managing and accessibility of health information of every individual. This website, however, must ensure its rows of clienteles that all data stored will appropriately and legally protected and secured. There are numerous news and incident these days about intrusions and hacking. Exposing sensitive health information will put every customer of this site to vulnerability .

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