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Published: 2021-06-18 07:01:42
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1 Proposal for ABC Fruit

Since the beginning of mankind’s existence on the Earth, there has been a tendency of people to savor on fruits. Earlier the men plucked fruits from the trees, and ate them directly. Slowly, they started to make fruit juices, learnt to use fruits in other dishes, and learnt other properties of the fruits, as well. However, with the advancement of technology, the science and art of fruit business improved by leaps and bounds. The advent of tinned fruits, and added preservatives changed the whole scenario. The inherent freshness and goodness of the nutritional values of fruits died out. ABC fruit aims to bring about a change in the market of fresh fruits. The idea behind ABC Fruits is to provide fresh and good fruits to the customers.
The aim of this proposal plan is to unearth the reason why this business was set up. The business, ABC Fruits, wants the freshness of fruits to reach every nook and corner of the world. It aims to provide the taste of fruits to reach every person, and benefit their health. ABC Fruits will promote the goodness of fresh fruits, and also cultivate fruits organically. There will be no added preservatives in the products. ABC Fruits is providing an alternative to the junk food culture, as well as trying to earn lifelong loyal customers and good profit for the company.

2 The benefits of the fruits provided by ABC Fruits are that there are no artificial colors, no added preservatives.

A nutritional supplement is provided with every sale of product. ABC Fruits specializes in juices and smoothies, too. Probiotics and prebiotics are added to increase effectiveness of the juices. The smoothies are tasty, yet nutritional value is about 100 percent fresh fruit diet in a day.

The business starts with a startup cost of $10000 USD and a cash backup of $2000 USD. A food license would be needed. The expenses would incur growing fruits organically, and cultivating them. Fruit juices should be made and stored in ice. The smoothies are ice creams, and specially appointed workers see to that.
There would be kiosk as well as online marketing. The target customers would be restaurants, ice cream parlors, whole sale fruit markets, juice centers, shopping marts, as well as individual customers. The benefits would reach people easier with online marketing, wherein people would be made aware of the benefits of ABC Fruits, and what the company stands for.

The marketing of any company is absolutely essential these days, and ABC Fruit is no exception. The marketing campaign must include a thorough research on target customers, and the market pricing. There must be focus on TV ads, Internet promotions, as well as door to door marketing of the products. The price ranges must be on the lower side at first, and increased with the growth in market share.ABC Fruits has to keep tab on the market value of its competitors, and make it clear in its campaigns what sets it apart from its rivals. There must be constant customer feedback, and constant monitoring of the products for their nutritional value. The shipping and packaging must be germ free and full proof.
All in all, ABC Fruit is an exciting and innovative concept. The proposal is an excellent one, and with the demand for fresh fruits growing fast, the company is sure to stand up to its mission statement.

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