Accounting and Economic Issues Personal Statement

Published: 2021-06-18 07:18:35
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Analysis of current affairs in the print media shows that accounting and economic issues dominate as compared to other topics. From this analysis, it can be deduced that accounting and economic related disciplines have significant impacts in the modern world. I have deep interests in identifying the behavior of business entities from an economic and accounting perspective, and understand how economic and accounting disciplines affect the business world. I have excelled in academics and produced exceptional results in all subjects of my study experience. My willingness and desire to learn coupled with an element of economic within me heightens my aspiration and lifelong ambitions of becoming an accounting and economic expert. The complex interactions among various economic and systems fascinates me. The recent effects of the financial crisis and its effects on key firms and economics draw me towards financial and business related issues. To understand that the analytical and formal nature of economics and accounting disciplines were used to tackle the complex issues caused by the financial crisis is inspiring.

I am an avid reader of popular financial and economic newspapers because they help to consolidate my understanding of machinations of the economic world. I am aware that accounting and economics require extensive background knowledge in mathematics. My good background in Mathematics has helped in broadening my ability to understand techniques in data analysis and expand my abstract thoughts. I attribute my mathematical prowess to the Chinese tradition. The Chinese mathematical counting system is more logical compared to other mathematical systems characterized by irregular numerals. While mathematic concepts are the same, the Chinese tradition made mathematics appear conceptual and easy to understand. I am certain that my good background in mathematics will enable me to appreciate the complexities and inter-connectedness of economics and accounting.
Outside the academic world, my passion is attracted to sports, arts, and current affairs. Participation in these extra-curricular activities gives me a chance to rediscover myself and sharpen interpersonal and organizational skills. I am self-driven, and hard work is my principle. With such skills, I will study hard to realize my lifelong goals and ambitions.
While business offers worthy career paths, the diversity and breadth offered in economics and accounting attracts me.

A career in these disciplines offers an exceptional ability to engage in real economic and accounting analysis. I intend to capitalize and benefit on the breadth of opportunities offered by accounting and economics. I will apply the knowledge and skills in conducting academic research. The knowledge learnt will also be extended to the assessment of real life situations. As I am drawn to accounting and economics, my overarching passion for economic and accounting systems remains unchanged. My desire and lifelong ambitions is to become a renowned expert in accounting and economic issues and, be equipped for a great career in economics and accounting. By securing a position in your institution, I look forward to undertaking my studies seriously, develop life-long interactions with colleagues and teachers, and gain highly marketable skills. I am compelled to face the challenges and endeavors associated with a career in economics and accounting. I believe in the fruits of hard work, the benefits of conducting extensive research, and I intend to utilize every opportunity in the institution to expand my career. Hard work, self-motivation, and high levels of discipline are the principles that will enable me to excel in accounting and achieve my lifelong goals and ambitions. The variations in economic and accounting perspectives coupled with real world applications make the study of accounting and economics a worthwhile career path.

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