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Published: 2021-06-18 05:09:14
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The modern methods of doing business and business related activities require that one possess the required qualities, not only the business knowledge, but also the frequency of searching for information. With the current trend where business organizations are increasingly becoming global and multicultural, a businessperson is required to posses the necessary entrepreneurial information in order to fit in the dynamic world of doing business. Profitability is the key issue in this, and each business organization is striving not only to gain basic profits, but also to increase profitability margins. Business knowledge requires both education and experience, and thus, any persuasive business student should aim at achieving of these (Ryan, Gasparski and Enderle 63).

I am applying to the college having these facts in mind, which act as the guiding stone in both my academic pursuit and career. My ambitions are to attain a degree in business studies, and thereafter pursue a career in business management. I believe I have the potential to achieve this, given that my entrepreneurial life did not just begin by applying for this degree. It has been a life time dream that I have had throughout, and I believe it is the time I satisfy it.

I understand that the art of managing business is a critical success factor that involves business analysis, and which requires that business people act as both managers and business analysts. This is important in executive business decision making, where business executives are required to analyze the prevailing business conditions, the business environment and other factors before proceeding to the actual business decision making (Moxley and Dumbrigue 56). This is one of the main reasons that I am applying for the business course in this university. I believe that in this institution, I will gain all the necessary skills in both theory and practice. I also believe that the university has the required tools, equipment and personnel, as well as the culture and the will to provide its students like me with the necessary information required in a business career.

During my past life, I have involved myself with various activities. Socially, I have been involved in a various social welfares in my past schools, where I have been a prominent figure within theses societies. For example, I have been the vice president (chairperson) of the various societies in my past school, where I was given the responsibility of organizing social and community activities. For example I organized and involved in dorm cleaning, purchase school transportation vehicle, and building gyms. Our clubs also involved in international arena, where we collected and send funds for people in Haiti after the infamous earthquake, and on yet another occasion, we collected funds to aid the people living under extreme poverty in some parts of Africa. Within the school, we went fuehrer and involved ourselves in collecting funds to aid medical payments for our teacher who had undergone a major surgery. Moreover, I was a member in various social clubs, including the swimming, soccer, and chess clubs, which aimed at improving the student’s relationships within the schools, and encouraging multicultural and multiethnic integrations to achieve understanding g within the school. In additional, I have achieved several honors within my extracurricular activities. For example, I won was awarded the volleyball champion team member and the school table tennis tournament awards.

In the summer of 2008 to 2009, I acted as a cashier intern in Altaylilar Plastic Factory, where I got the first hand information on how to deal with a diverse pool of customers. I acted on the same position and in the same company again during the 2010 summer. In these particular activities, I realized that business career is a commitment that one has to make in life and not just a mere opportunity that land into one life. In addition, I was taught how to relate with other employees at the workplace, and how to make simple procedural programs for the day or weeks activities. I have had several chances to travel abroad, including Sweden, Germany, Switzerland, Holland, Belgium and France.

I therefore believe I have the first hand information relating to business career, and what remains is to gain the necessary knowledge from class and apply it in the field. It is therefore the reason why I believe that given an opportunity, I will be at a position to gain the required business skills and hope to apply them in my future career.

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