Admission Essay On Electrical Engineering

Published: 2021-06-18 05:09:45
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I’m in my A levels studying Maths, Chemistry and English Language. I major in Maths which I happen to enjoy a lot. Electrical appliances have always fascinated me too; hence I have unconditionally developed an affinity for them. My thirst for knowledge in this field has ensured that I am consistent in reading so as to augment required knowledge on the subject each day, since learning is a process and a day-to-day activity. This has helped me broaden my perspective as well as increased my insight not only in electronics related subjects but on various issues.
I recently completed a work experience placement at a local store. While there, I managed to help raise the retails profit a record higher, as a worker at the sales department and a close consultant of the managerial because of my ability to articulate theoretical knowledge into practical work.
My interests in sports have seen me participate actively in extra-curricular activities. I hence have been involved in a number of competitions such as running and performed reasonably well. My favorite however has been football, my passion for the game drove me to undertake training as a referee; a training I qualified with ease and I as a result do the task as a profession, my excellent performance at the pitch has earned me several certificates of recognitions that have boosted my impetus a great deal.
I use my free time to attend matches in my neighborhood as well as school, where at times I would offer advisory services to the teams. From this, I gave managed to hone my leadership skills and learnt how to treat and easily socialize with others. Consequently I have learnt to face challenges head on and never to look back at past mistakes eager to haunt the future.
I have also been privileged to work with a charity group from my area of locality, which is involved in the organizing of matches as well as fundraisings to aid the community. This has made me more organized in my day today endeavors hence keeping confusion and disorganization at bay virtues that are indispensable in handling challenging courses such as electronic engineering.
My exceptional discipline, characters and good relation skills have cultivated good listening skills and the unique ability to effectively and efficiently work under minimum supervision, besides I love sharing knowledge with others and learning from them too.
Time management has always been a virtue to me as a student. I a bid by the principle of punctuality in all I do to meet my deadlines and operate within schedule at all times. This has enabled me to inculcate in me a noble culture that ensures consistency in my attendance of lectures without fail.
To boost my self-esteem and confidence I am currently taking boxing classes that also help me keep fit and relaxed after a hard day’s work.
I chosen your university because of its focus on research and the opportunity it presents to participate within a diverse students environment. I am however applying as an international student and my Indefinite Leave to Remain in UK is due in three years time therefore UK is my primary choice for higher education.
I thus look forward to increasing as well as gaining insights in electrical engineering in your university following its exceptional standards in the same; besides fully participating in all spheres of the universities’ activities as is required of me as a student.

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