Admission Essay On Why I Want To Pursue My Mha And Why I Want To Obtain It From Winston Salem State

Published: 2021-06-18 05:09:46
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Ever since I was young, I have wanted to help people. My parents always taught me to put others before myself, and put my energies to good use, strategies which have taken me far in life. Early on, I became interested in health and medicine; however, any time I went to the hospital, my attention was not focused on the doctors, but the administrators. I was always curious about how so many moving parts worked together to make people better. That interest has followed me throughout my adolescence and into my academic career; I wish to obtain a Master of Healthcare Administration at Winston Salem State University, and I believe that I would make a fine candidate for your program.
Looking at Winston Salem State University’s Value Statements, particularly as they relate to the MHA program, I find many similarities to how I wish to conduct myself in my professional and personal lives. I have tremendous leadership skills, having presented myself in roles of responsibility throughout my high school and undergraduate career; I am not averse to taking on tasks that are put upon me. Compassion, integrity and service are values I hold closely to my heart; I volunteered on a regular basis at various functions and organizations in college, and also tutored other students at their request. All of these factors have contributed to a very motivated personality that wishes to learn and do all that they can to serve others in whatever capacity they can.
Winston Salem State University’s MHA program is incredibly prestigious and well-known, which interests me, as I would like the challenge of learning from the best educators in the field. I wish to ensure that I have the highest possible expertise and experience when I engage in my career as a hospital administrator, and so I am eager and anxious to learn from the faculty and staff at WSSU. As part of my graduate school experience, I wish to take part in the research of theory, principles, skills and resources that will aid me in my working career in healthcare administration.
The field of healthcare administration is a multifaceted and complex one, combining the concerns of real patients and staff with the logistics and business acumen of any kind of organizational administration. Hospitals take a highly dedicated and organized mind to administrate; to that end, I find it an incredibly challenging task that I wish to undertake. With the proper education and experience, I am confident that I can successfully navigate the various pitfalls of healthcare administration, leading to balanced budgets, positive patient outcomes, and satisfied staff. My short-term goals are to graduate with my MHA and begin to intern in administrative positions at a regional hospital, with my primary long-term goal to become a primary healthcare administrator overseeing a major department of a city hospital.
My passion for helping people and contributing whatever I can to my efforts has led me to the pursuit of my MHA at Winston-Salem State University. Hospital administration being the complicated and arduous task it is, I understand this program would not be without its challenges; however, I am fully dedicated to the task, and wish to conduct myself with all the values commensurate to WSSU’s mission statement. To that end, it would be a great honor to be allowed to participate in the MHA program at WSSU.

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