Argumentative Essay On Obesity Solutions

Published: 2021-06-18 05:12:11
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Certainly, obesity has and remains to be one of the most daunting health concerns in the United States. Statistics indicates that the last twenty years have experienced a significant rise in the prevalence of obesity. At the moment, it is hypothesized that more than a third of the United States populations are obese (Stern & Alexandra 33). Despite this, there is a need to comprehend the fact that there are a wider array of solutions that can be utilized to curb obesity. More importantly, adoption of health lifestyles offer a comprehensive platform that facilitate a reduction in obesity cases. Speaking of health lifestyles, this connotes to the adoption of adequate living behaviours that can facilitate a reduction in the chances of one becoming obese. There exists two main lifestyle changes that can be utilized to resolve obesity cases in our society. There two main positive living behaviour include adequate dietary practices and exercise.
Adequate dietary habits as one of the health lifestyle behaviours that can help manage obesity cases entails eating adequately or eating right. Adoption of adequate dietary habits does not occur in isolation. Instead, it entails the consumption of certain diets, which do not predispose an individual. There are certain diets that augment the chance of one being obese. These include consumption of fast foods. Notably, fast foods contain precooked ingredients and are high in fats. Therefore, consumption of fast foods result in the accumulation of fats, which leads to obesity (Nonas & Gary 91). Adequate dietary habits occur in cases where individuals consume foods that contain the recommended amount of fats. As a result, adequate dietary habits do not predispose an individual to obesity.
Another healthy lifestyle that can offer a feasible solution to obesity is exercise or physical activity. Physical activity provides a good solution to the problem of obesity because lack of exercise has been identified as one of the primary causes of obesity. Through physical activity and exercise, an individual gets to shed the excess fats in their bodies; hence, reducing the chances that they will become obese (Stern & Alexandra 41). Certainly the use healthy lifestyle as a solution to obesity is feasible. Precisely, adequate dietary choices and physical activity can be merged into an individual’s lifestyle with ease. There are minimal costs associated with adoption of lifestyle changes, and these changes can be easily be implemented by an individual on their own without efforts from other people. Those opposed to adequate dietary choices and exercise often articulate that adoption of such practices is not as easy as it seems. Nevertheless, such notions are untrue because the adoption of the said lifestyle changes only calls for dedication from an individual. This solution addresses problems that have not been addressed by previous solutions in that past solution have not been clear on what healthy lifestyles are.
Apart from the adoption of healthy lifestyles, the other solution to obesity is to ensure that the food industry produces foods that are safe for the populations and do not predispose the consumers to obesity. This can be achieved by ensuring that stringent policies are put in place in order to ensure that the food industry comply with requirements aligned with the need to ensure that they produce foods that do not expose the populations to obesity. In addition, the food industry can provide solutions to obesity by helping consumers make healthy food choices (Nonas & Gary 178). This will ensure that consumers choose foods that do not expose them to obesity. This solution is feasible; however, it is relatively costly in that it calls for the adoption of certain policies related to the food industry, which are costly to draft and implement. This solution will be implemented by the government as well as the food industries. Notably, this solution addresses problems that have not been addressed before in that previous solutions have only proposed production of safe foods, but have not advocated adoption of policies that would assure such solutions are implemented.
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