Argumentative Essay On Why I Support Euthanasia

Published: 2021-06-18 05:11:56
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When people talk of euthanasia, many think of it as a crime or suicide. However, it may be easy for them as they have not faced an incurable illness. On the other hand, the persons who have experienced it claim that euthanasia is the best option available in such a case. The first reason for opting euthanasia is the suffering of the patient. Therefore in case of euthanasia, the suffering is less. Sometimes the patients have the opportunity to make a decision regarding euthanasia and in such cases, the family of such a person should respect the decision made by him or her. Therefore if a person is opting for euthanasia due to a traumatic and painful illness like cancer or paralysis, and then there is no cure available for such a disease, in some cases euthanasia may be the better choice (Hardwig 292). The reason is that in such cases, euthanasia may reduce the long and painful wait before the patient ultimately dies. Another reason due to which euthanasia may be referred is that it reduces the suffering of the family. After it has been decided by the patient, in some cases the family is not willing to go for euthanasia but in reality, such families are only harming the patient and also themselves (Battin 280).
When a person has been diagnosed with an incurable disease, it is like the whole family suffering from the same illness. The reason is that all the members of the family are required to support the patient and therefore they also lived through the same experience along with the patient. As a result, in such cases it may be preferred to go for euthanasia and reduce the time of suffering for the patient as well as the family. The treatment of an incurable disease is long and expensive. However the family is only wasting its money on making a longer but painful life for the patient. For example in case of cancer, the treatment is expensive and at the same time, the illness has terrible side effects (Beauchamp 437). There are some persons who oppose euthanasia as they consider it to be a murder. However in reality, in some cases euthanasia could be a better option, as it may be the shortest way to die, when a person is aware of the fact that he or she is going to die. In this way, there are several reasons due to which euthanasia may be accepted as the best option available to the patient as well as the family.
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