Article Review On Art Making Machine

Published: 2021-06-18 05:19:18
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This video refers to modern art. Its message is that anything can be art if we call it. A man is supposed to be the creator of an artwork, but in this case, a machine is the creator. However, a man made the machine, so there are some dilemmas whether this can be called art or not.
This machine is exhibited in Museum Jean Tinguely and it is his invention.
At first we see an object that looks like a red computer mouse. This machine is an installation made of iron or some other metal. It has cords that pull the system and make the wheels turn. The final part is the canvas. There is an armlike part of the machine which holds the crayons of different colors, one at a time. It shakes and the strokes are not precise.
The final product resembles accidental scratches. However, there can't be made to exactly the same paintings, so there is a chance for this to be called art. This machine is very provocative because it challenges the definition of art. It produces different paintings when it is put to work. That is why it might be called an art machine and its products can be considered art.
Art is about originality and spirituality. There is originality in the products of this art machine, but there is no spirituality. The man did invent this machine, but it continues to work by itself.
Maybe, this machine was constructed to show that something is art if people call it so, but most artists have talent and some of them studied art at universities. This machine cannot replace a human hand holding a brush.

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