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Published: 2021-06-18 07:10:02
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Pregnancy Is Treated as a Disease in Today’s Society, in Canada
Pregnancy is considered as a natural phenomenon. Whereas some people believe that pregnancy is a disease and it has to be treated before giving birth to a child (McKay, 2006). Pregnancy is a God gifted thing and nobody can interrupt this system. Although there might be some diseases attached with the pregnancy, but considering pregnancy as a disease itself is wrong. Diabetes and hypertension are commonly known complaints of pregnant women in Canada. The reason for this is not pregnancy, but the excessive weight gain, breast cancer and HIV during the pregnancy (Tata, et. al. 2005).
Problem statement: To study and analyze the Canadian pregnancy treatment.
The significance of the study: The main purpose of this study is to find some genuine stuff in order to save Canadian women during pregnancy. This research aims to provide a crystal clear meaning of pregnancy and women safety and health during this period and afterwards.
Literature review
Several studies on women’s experiences of pregnancy have found that family practitioners continue to consider pregnancy as a “condition” that needs medical and technological intervention. According to Garovic, & Hayman (2007), excessive weight gain during pregnancy, postpartum weight retention, gestational diabetes, and the associated risk of developing type II diabetes later in life, obesity, and heart disease are main diseases that are linked with the pregnancy. Physical problems like problems during labor and birth can be improved in more active women than weak ones. There is a great impact of healthy environment that is provided by a mother during pregnancy on fetal indoctrination which prevents from diseases (Tata, et. al. 2005).
Even though, Canadian women are getting themselves treated for breast cancer, but still there are many women who cannot avail the medical treatment because of cancer treatment modalities. Moreover, some specialists as well as physicians are unable to recognize those disabilities (Tata, et. al. 2005).
Research statement
Ho= Pregnancy is not treated as a disease in Canada
H1= Pregnancy is treated as a Disease in Canada.
Theory adaptation
Women’s drug abuse is a major public health problem in Canada and around the world, it’s a stigmatizing issue (Parenting for life, 2012). Too often people have heard dramatic statements from physicians and nurses about the growing number of pregnant women who use illicit substances, accompanied by descriptions of infants who suffer from prenatal exposure to drugs (Garovic, & Hayman, 2007). Women who use drugs—especially pregnant women—are more heavily stigmatized than their male counterparts (Service Canada, 2013). This stigmatization makes them generally reluctant to “emerge from the shadows” and seek help for their problems (McKay, 2006). Even when they do, they tend to face significant barriers to get appropriate medical and obstetrical services and even inaction on the part of healthcare professionals. Such attitudes need to be changed, especially given that substance dependence is considered a chronic, relapsing brain disease that should be evaluated and treated in the same way as any other chronic disease (Garovic, & Hayman, 2007).
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