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Published: 2021-06-18 05:19:42
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“Carers’ experiences of being exposed to challenging behaviour in services for autism spectrum disorders”: An Article Review
Challenging behavior is a common activity that can be encountered in our daily lifestyle. Its definition takes account of behaviors that are abnormal in reference with cultural or traditional practices; and its potency can put other people to harm. Behavior under this category leads a person to be restricted from communal facilities.
This paper would review the article entitled Carers’ experiences of being exposed to challenging behavior in services for autism spectrum disorders. In order to give final thoughts about the article, this review will include the definition of the article’s problem, purpose and research question. It would also discuss about the literature that support the subject and the design method used in the research. The paper will also identify the participants, hypothesis, the instrument used to measure information, the discussion of the results as well as its conclusion.
There are several recent studies which noted that challenging behavior pose negative effects on staff that are exposed to it during their service. This kind of behavior is also connected to disorders such as autism.
The problem defined in the article is the limited research conducted for the exploration of staff’s familiarity and encounters of challenging behavior in their services particularly for autism spectrum disorders. Challenging behavior has been recognized in terms of its effect on people that gives support to the patient. There are a high number of staff exposures to this behavior. The autism spectrum disorder is very much interrelated to this disorder because it involves low ability of social interaction as well as communication. The purpose of the paper is to provide supplementary information of challenging behavior experience by staff of autism disorder spectrum services. The paper would like to address the problem of the limited information regarding the challenging behavior experienced by staff of autism disorder spectrum using a qualitative research. The problem, purpose and the research question is clearly stated at the introduction part of the article.
The literature supports the importance of supplementary research regarding the exposure of carers on challenging behaviors. The main topic described in the article includes the existence of research on staff serving for clients with challenging behavior. According to the literature, there is a limited research exploring the effect of challenging behavior on carers who are involved in caring for patients with ASDs. Researches regarding the topic are mostly based on studies in Sweden that is why it is hard to make generalization when it comes to the application of the study in other countries because of cultural differences. One research in Sweden interviewed 149 nurses employed in ID service, and claimed that Down’s syndrome identification has been mainly widespread. The reading discovered that 31% of the samples have been open to the elements of challenging behavior and 62% stated the feeling of deficiency, 5% reported the feelings of disgrace, 76% stated the feeling of powerlessness while 8% reported thoughts of guilt and 57% reported the feeling of anger. Other impacts of challenging behavior to carers are the feeling of falling apart and keeping it together. These two perspectives are summarized the negative and positive effects of the behavior of patients with ADS. Although personnel in services for both ASDs and IDs have comparable responses the actual effect of caring for patients with ASDs and CBs are still indistinctive.
The method to be used to properly address the research based on personal citations includes a comprehensive investigation. The method used in the research is called Interpretative phenomenological analysis (IPA). This method of analyzing data focuses on meticulous investigation that intends to lighten up the procedure on how persons recognize and understand their individual and communal surroundings. It also involved a fewer sample of contributors with the collective characters and experiences that have corresponding research queries. Interviews are used to report personal experiences in order to comprehend the way of thinking of participants who experience the continuous and multifarious challenge.
The method used is appropriate to the type data that are obtained in a qualitative research. The data collection used ten participants. The reason behind the small sampling size is to have a corresponding idiographic structure that gives way to an individual analysis. The sample is comprised of seven males and three females that are serving patients of ADS which manifest CB. They have an average working experience of four years and three months. The ethics community approved the process of investigation. There have been ten interviews that last for forty minutes at two different venues. There are also different sets of questions. The method of interview provides substantial information and is versatile. There was also funneling at the final stage of the study. The research design, participants and t he method of analysis is clearly stated in the paper. The article provided a thorough explanation behind the use of such methods and their importance. For a qualitative research, the method of data collection used is suitable for the study that gives minimal bias.
The article contributes significant information that supports the study of challenging behavior in carers of ADSs. The results showed that there are mental and physical impacts in personnel working in ADS services. Challenging behavior needs support personnel to deal with the adaptation techniques. These techniques need depersonalization and normalization of abusive responses. The results sufficiently support the hypothesis and the objectives of the research. The generalization of the article is consistent with the results. As a recommendation, the article suggests a more direct method for future investigation. Formal supervision for personnel related to care services is also recommended.
Overall, the article is a good supplement for challenging behavior research. The method of the study was clearly and comprehensively stated making the reader understand the flow of the discussion easily. The study give me information not only about autism and challenging behavior but also about qualitative research and the suitable method to be applied for such.
Butrimaviciut, R., & Grieve, A. (2014). Carers’ experiences of being exposed to challenging behaviour in services for autism spectrum disorders. Autism , 18 (8), 882-890.

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