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Published: 2021-06-18 07:18:33
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Why I Want to Pursue a Career in Medicine, Why I Will Be an Asset to the College, and Further Information Including My Previous Accomplishments

I come from a family of doctors, so perhaps considering a career in medicine is a logical step for me. Having been raised in that family environment, I naturally became interested in medical matters. Looking back, I think that from an early age I dreamed of becoming a physician, although I have to admit that my interest intensified when my beloved Grandma was diagnosed with cancer and then underwent several surgical procedures as a consequence during the last 12 months. Thankfully she is now apparently free of the cancer. We all tend to take our everyday amenities and facilities for granted; it is only at times of crisis that we are made to realise just how much we are dependent on the skills of others, just as our family was on those doctors and nurses who saved my Grandma’s life.

Partly due to Grandma I have focused my interest in medicine and know now that my long-term goal is to be a successful General Surgeon, although in the shorter-term I realise that I need to perform well in my studies and in medical school, and then secure a junior position in a hospital to learn everything I can from experienced surgeons, as part of the development of my own career. My chosen field will provide me with the opportunity to truly make a difference to people’s lives; something I want to do for the entirety of my career.
This particular program has attracted my interest partly because I have heard really good reports about it and about the medical school in particular. I know that in addition to working hard to qualify, whilst studying there, I will also take an active role in extra-curricular activities. At high school I was a member of HOSA (Health Occupations Students of America) and would like to join a similar association at the American University of Antigua, so that I can contribute to the college as well as gain from it.

My academic background includes my time in high school, which was the Klein Collins High School at Spring, Texas (north of Houston), from where I graduated in May of 2005. Since August of this year, I have attended the Penn Valley campus of the Metropolitan Community College in Kansas City, which is well known for its health career programs.
You can be sure that I will take maximum advantage of the first class education I will obtain at your college, following the two key guidelines instilled in me by my parents at a young age; i.e. to be patient when times might be tough and to always work hard, with the objective in this instance of being better qualified to benefit from my studies, and to build a successful career in the future.

I will also continue to study even after I become fully qualified to work as a surgeon, because I know that as in any technological field – and medicine is very much in that category – it is vital to keep abreast of new techniques and research findings. Completing this program will by no means signify the end of that requirement. In today’s rapidly-changing environment, standing still is not an option. To stand still is to start falling behind. To be successful, learning must be regarded as an ongoing and mandatory activity.

Without question, my parents have been responsible for shaping me as an individual to become the person I am today, and to have created a person who is, or will soon be, fully capable of making a success of a career in medicine. If I can one day fulfil their hopes and dreams for me with pride I will have achieved my goal. Even if people think of me as only half as worthy as them, I will be proud to have achieved that much.

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