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Published: 2021-06-18 05:09:11
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Reading through the classic novel Sybil, I can not help but marvel about just how powerful the human mind is. Imagine, in order surviving a tragic childhood it managed to produce sixteen different personalities in one body. What pushed Sybll to develop her dissociative identity disorder was because she did not have anyone to listen to her concerns. My fascination in the human mind encouraged me to pursue a profession that will allow me to provide aid to individuals experiencing emotional turmoil. As a graduate of Psychology, I am well-versed with counselling techniques and how these techniques aids in helping people realize within themselves the solutions to their problems. In addition to this I am also a licensed vocational nurse and familiarity is applied science (specifically Alcohol and Drug Abuse). These credentials also added to my competency in terms of providing help to people.

My primary reason for choosing a career path in counseling roots from my observation that not many people from my country seek assistance from professionals when it comes to problems concerning mental health. I would like to increase my country’s awareness towards the benefits of seeking guidance from professionals who are equipped with different psychological therapies and dynamics. Because of my conviction towards the profession, I opted to work in a mental health facility that provided me with first-hand encounters with clients experiencing all sorts of problems ranging from personal to relationship concerns. . Because of this goal, I have engaged myself in a number of volunteer activities that aims to help people in dealing with their hardships. My familiarity with the practical demands of the field will be an asset for me as I take on my further studies. I am also well-adept with counselling dynamics and practices because I have a strong foundation in psychology and its clinical features. I have also exposed myself in counseling for Alcohol and drug cases because I have graduated with a degree in applied science as I mentioned earlier. . The experience in working in a mental institution will give me practical leverage because I know how to deal with different patients. The complexity of the cases that I handled prompted me to do more readings and research especially during instances wherein the client displays difficulty in comprehending the situation.

Although the work was painstaking and draining, I felt that I was doing something worthwhile. I believe that those suffering from turmoils have the chance to be mentally fit again. What they need to is to accept their situation so that they can build on the steps towards recovering. In my opinion the defining difference between individuals who require assistance and not lies in their ability to see what needs to be done in life. People become healthy when they understand the predicaments that they are in because they have awareness of their situations. However, some people do not and as a result succumb to the overwhelming weight of problems. They result to someone who requires assistance because they can not make sense of the things happening in their life. Some people tend to magnify problems to the point that they can not control them in the end. In relationship problems, for example, some people are too paranoid about their partners’ commitment to the point that they create arguments out of nothing. In reality, some people create their own downfall because they overreact or simply can not find the obvious solutions to their problems. People become healthy (or unhealthy) due to emotions, relationships, behaviors and at times combination because they make them realize their worth as an individual. When relationships are good, a person does not have to be too troubled about such element. If it is not, it will increase the person’s likeliness to experience confusing emotions and feelings.

What I can offer the program is my brand of passion. As an individual, I consider myself as someone persistent, fearless and encouraging. I believe that these qualities are needed for the profession I opted to embark. I will be dealing with various people with different kinds of concerns. Because of my experience and training I know that I can provide innovative ways of making people see a new light towards their concerns. I can also share my signature enthusiasm so that people would see that there is always hope towards getting better.I am eager to pursue this profession because I would like to extend my expertise to people. I would love to become a positive influence towards society and at the same time remaining intellectually challenge. I am open to new experiences that will come my way. They say that sometimes all people need are good listeners—I know that I can provide that pillar of support towards people who are experiencing difficult times because I have developed within me that nature.

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