Case Study On Job Field

Published: 2021-06-18 05:49:19
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This paper aims at preparing a comprehensive job structure that cover all major facets that are crucial in the categorization, definition as well as specification of jobs. In order to come up with a detailed and clear job structure that can be quite effective and efficient in its application, three major facets will be highly considered; this will include, the job field, family and category.
Following is a detailed description of the components that consequently define a job structure with respects to its constituent elements. A logical order in relation to entities superiority is employed in the description of the jobs facets so as to explicitly reflect the job structure with less ambiguity. The job structure is meant to reflect the different categories of jobs that can be found in a grocery store with respect to their descriptions.
This is basically a group of jobs classed under a general occupation. The general occupation in this case is more of an area of specialty. For instance, medicine would be a job field under which a variety of doctors are found, operating in distinct job families such as dentists, surgeons and opticians. In our case the job field will be business.
Job family
This is a more specific area within a job field. In our case, since our job field is business the specific area of dealing within the general business occupation will in this case be grocery. Therefore the job family would be; grocery business, as this is the area of specialty under the lager umbrella of business.
Job categories
Here job descriptions are explicitly defined as well as assigned unique title for clear distinctions of roles ought to be carried out for the common good of a given job field. It somehow acts as the backbone of a job structure, since it is in this facet that the actual players in a particular job family are found each carrying out his or her distinct role.
For clear distinction and categorization, the job category is further sub divided into; operational and technical facet, professional facet and the supervision and managers’ facet.
Operational and technical role
Technical duties are performed by employees in this category or group. In our grocery store case, those involved in the dish washing and there sanitization are classified under this facet.
Professional role
Under the class, professionals we have the level, experts where staff who claim expertise in a given field are categorized. Following are staff categorized in the experts’ level in relation to the grocery store.
Grocery clerk
He or she is charged with the responsibility of providing excellent customer care, prepare food items, stock and rotate products, check dates on all products as well as sanitize all equipments for use in the stores operation.
Performs all cash register functions, focus on customer during check outs to ensure customer grocery efficiency and the maintain ace of companies public image at all times.
Coordinates and supervises all store products and also assist and guides store team leaders in their operations
Supervision and managerial role
Supervisor 1 (grocery supervisor)
Involved in the maintenance of companies standards as well as training of entry professionals for purpose of attainment of competent skill essential for achieving companies goals and objectives. He or she is also involved in policy formulation to manage the conduct of staff.
Supervisor 2 (assistant grocery supervisor)
Reports to supervisor 1, and assist him or her in the discharging of his or her duties, while supervisor one is involved in the training of entry professionals, supervisor 2 focuses more on the mentorship of the team members.
Manager 1 (grocery manager)
Directly reports to the team leader and associate team leaders who in most cases are the supervisors. In the grocery case manager 1 will be involved in the ordering process of the stock and the general coordination of activities in the store to ensure efficiency and effectiveness.
Manager 2 (asst grocery manager)
Apart from assisting manager 1 in the execution of duties, he or she can also be responsible for hiring and termination as well as the delivery of a company’s visions and goals.
Job structures should always be followed to the latter to avoid role conflict that may consequently curtail the effective and efficient performance of an institution or company. This is due to the fact that a job structure clearly outlines roles and ensures that they are or inclined to set goals of a company, hence if each of these roles is carried out any company or institution will easily accomplish its objectives

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