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Published: 2021-06-18 05:48:27
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Ahmed Qassim is a Saudi Arabian citizen who is nearing completion of his four-year engineering course at one of the major universities in the United States of America. Since he is on the verge of completing his course, Ahmed has begun to think about his future after university. He is considering going back to his home country to pursue a career in engineering. However, he is also considering a career in photography. He has a real interest and talent for photography. Ahmed has issues in choosing between a career in photography and, a career in traditional engineering.
Analysis and Evaluation
Ahmed currently resides in the United States. He is studying engineering. He has real passion for photography and people love his ability to capture something magic about a scene. He has experience in photographing public, sporting and corporate events. This has enabled him to have a wide range of clients. He plans to stay and start his own photography business in America.
Even though he has the support of his family, they would prefer to see him come back to Saudi Arabia, get a good job in an oil company, get married and start a family. They view photography as a gamble that would need around six months to a year to stabilize. It will also be involving since he will be traveling around the world doing photography for clients anywhere. This will mean that he will be away from his family most of the time. On the other hand, getting an engineering job would be easier from their point of view and, he would spend most of his time with his family.
Ahmed has three alternatives to choose. First, he could decide to follow his heart and do photography and video business. The advantage is that he has good reputation as a professional photographer and has a wide client base. His clients include his contacts in Saudi Arabia, the Arab community internationally and his non-Arab friends all over the world. He would also be following his dream. The disadvantage is he would need more equipment and hired help during events which would come at a cost. Additionally, he would be away from his family most of the times.
Second, he could consider pursuing a career in traditional engineering in his home country. The advantage is that he would get a job very fast and launch his career path immediately. One major setback is that he would be doing engineering because he studied it, and not because he is passionate about it. This will hinder his overall productivity hence slow his professional growth.
Thirdly, he could decide to start photography and video school to train future photographers. With his experience in professional photography, it would be easier for him to offer both theoretical and practical lessons to his students. The main drawback is that the costs incurred in starting such a venture would be too much for someone who has just completed college.
Plan of Action
Ahmed should choose the first alternative. He should follow his heart and do photography and video business. Since he has a wide base of clients and the equipment to do professional photography, getting started would be easy since. Minimal costs would be incurred in acquiring more equipment. He could build a base at his home country for a start as he learns the grips of the business. Later, he would open branches where he has international clients. Within a span of three months of business, Ahmed’s business would have stabled since his target group which includes public events, corporate events and weddings pay well.

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