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- (a) Identify and briefly describe 3 consequences of Title IX that were positive.
The first positive consequence of Title IX is that Girls and women’s teams have had access to equitable facilities, equipment and uniforms. Before the Title IX laws and regulations come to being in 1972 women and girls were facing some many challenges including discrimination against when allocating resources. The fact that there were few women and girls in sports before 1972 meant that women and girls were not interested in sports. Even though there were at least some women and girls who participated in sports they were viewed insignificant and they would not bring any success in sports to the institution concerned (Blumenthal 24). This was the main reason for discrimination in terms of facilities, equipment and uniforms such the men in sports were given more resources than women.
The Title IX has led to some equality in allocation of resources to both men and women in sports in terms of sports facilities, equipment and uniforms. This is because Title IX identifies the difference in women and men sports but call equal access to sports facilities equipments and uniforms by both sexes. The second positive consequence of Title IX is at that sports Programs and teams have been able to receive equal funds. Sports fund in schools and sports institution now days distribute fund to both, women or girls and men or boys athletes in equal terms. The availability of equal sports fund for both genders has made the women and girls in sports to access sports facilities in equal terms with men and boys athletes. This has also enabled the female coaches to be paid equally with the male coaches.
The third positive consequence Title IX is that girls and women are no longer being harassed in the sports context. Initially before the Title IX women and girls who were interested in sports were being discouraged, harassed and even prevented from participating in the sports events. For instance the high school girl in New Haven state who wanted to participate in cross country but the judge ruled against it saying that the characters built in boys during such athletic competition should not be built in girls (Blumenthal 30).
(b) Identify and briefly describe 3 consequences that were negative
The first negative consequence Title IX is that the struggle for equality in the sports of men or boys and women or girls has to decrease in the number of female coaches and increase in male coaches. This means that women coaches have lost their jobs to men. Research has shown that in 1972 about ninety percent of the coaches who were coaching women were women but in the recent findings forty three percent of the women coaches coaching women were women. This shows that there has been a decrease in the number of women coaches over time.
The second negative consequence of the Title IX is that the merging of women’s and men’s physical education has to men mostly occupying the higher positions. The major reason for this is the existence of stereotypes that view women as weaker sex and hence cannot lead and organization well. There is a belief that women can only lead themselves but not men
The third negative consequence of the Title IX is that since the time the law was passed in has never been completely enacted such that there are still discrimination against women and girls in sports. For example inequality in the two sexes in terms of leadership is still observed today. There are still more men in sports leadership than women.
(C). Discuss your perspective on whether you think Title IX has been a positive or negative movement and whether it is still needed today.
In my perspective, I think that Title IX has been a positive movement in the sense it has bought about equality between men and women in the sector of sports such that women have equal opportunities in accessing sports resources. The few women coaches receive equal payments as the male counterparts. In school and sports organizations the number of women participating in sport has increased tremendously since the time when the Title IX was enacted (Charles 3). I strongly support the law. In my view, it has helped reduce discrimination in American society and colleges. The sportsmen and women now have more opportunities and exposures as well as resources to exploit their talents.
- Identify and describe three unique and/or interesting aspects in regard to sport/physical activity involvement for 3 of the 5 identified diversity groups.
I am going to look at African American women, women with disabilities and Asian American women in sports. The Africa American women have faced discrimination in sports such that a small number of them participating in sports. Lack of equal opportunities for African American women was the main reason for the small number. The diversifications in sports have given a good opportunity to them and are currently doing well in sports (Nicole and Erin 22).
Women with disabilities in sports are still few. The unique aspect here is individual acceptance and societal acceptance. The women with disabilities in sports have not accepted that they can do well in sports (Charles 10). The society also undermines the women with disabilities in sports. Another aspect is the inability to retain women with disabilities in sports activities this is because they would sometime be challenged by financial issues.
One aspect about the Asian American women in sports is that to the current times they are countable. This is because of the stereotype that the African Americans are generally not interested in sports. Another unique aspect is that they view sports as a means of spending leisure and not a way of getting money hence they rarely dedicate their time. The last aspect is that most coaches belief in the stereotypes hence do not offer them opportunity to try different sports
(b) Discuss some of the benefits that have emerged from the opening of sport to diverse populations.
There are so many benefits that have resulted from the opening of sports to diverse population. It has enhanced the connections between people from different communities, races and regions. The connection has led to development of positive aspects of socialization which have enhances social networking and social cohesion. It has also lead to development of teamwork and cooperation among the various parties involved such as players, coaches and spectators. These parties usually come from the diversified society (Charles 7)
The opening of sports to the diverse populations has made it a means of preaching peace and carrying out public education. The fact the people taking in sports come all parts of the world has made sports a means o preaching peace and public education.
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