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Published: 2021-06-18 05:09:44
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Life is filled with vicissitudes which prompt people to respond and react accordingly. Some challenges are extremely unexpected requiring introspective skills to turn events towards one’s favor. I strongly believe that the ability of a person to surpass obstacles in life depend, not so much on the innate ability to be resourceful; but more so, on the unselfish desire to contribute to improving the welfare of others.

I can never forget the confounding conflict that besieged my family when I was in my eighth grade. The financial crisis that instigated economic havoc on a global sphere spiraled into direct impingement of my father’s business. He owns and managed a software consultancy firm with clients ranging from large private global organizations to small local businesses. One of the global organizations was drastically affected by the financial crisis and the huge losses necessitated filing of bankruptcy. As a consequence, the client could not sustain continued operations with my father’s business which curtailed a significant chunk of potential income. To exacerbate, the bankrupt organization failed to remit substantial amounts of receivables which contributed to financial losses for my father’s firm. To recover these losses, my father had to resort to filing legal claims against this client and spent exorbitant legal fees.

The stress and anxiety shouldered by my father at those trying times could not escape my mind. He struggled to continue providing for the family with the meager resources that remained. My mother, whose academic achievements were likewise exemplary, as a gold medalist in a post-graduate degree in computer science, she was adamant to help. She started looking for employment opportunities to augment the current level of family income. However, my father insisted on her staying at home to focus on raising me and my younger brother, who was eight years old at that time. Another alternative course of action was to relocate to India where the cost of living is considerably low. I even suggested trying to look for a part-time job which would assist in alleviating the financial and emotional burden that our family was experiencing. Yet, my father insisted on thinking of other options while we assume the same roles and responsibilities that we had in the family. He stressed that as head of the household, he still is the breadwinner and our unwavering physical and emotional support is enough to boost his relentless spirit.

I immediately remembered that I could help in my own simple, yet ingenious ways. My parents had encouraged me to develop a fetish for sports, in addition to academic pursuit. They acknowledged the need for us children to focus on holistic growth and development. As such, I have gained enthusiasm in tennis. I had been playing tennis since my sixth grade and my parents invested resources: time, effort, and money to motivate and sustain my interest in this game. They provided me with branded tennis equipment and sought a professional coach to provide training. I used the investment, as well as the skills that I have gained so far, in augmenting our family income.

I convinced my coach that since we could not afford paying for his professional services, I could assist him in his training sessions for free, provided that he would still train me as a trade-off. In addition, since I developed skills and acumen in using the tennis equipment, I also learned the skill of stringing tennis rackets for my coach. In return for the favor, he bought me tennis rackets to replace those that could not be of good use. Likewise, in lieu of expensive training sessions, I invited my tennis peers for a game or two, which served as good training grounds for developing agility and sustained stamina.

Concurrently, other strategies that I believed would help in alleviating financial stress is time management with cost minimization. I have to note that I really love to read books. Instead of buying new books for English Ap, I bought used books from half price book shops. Usually English Ap requires at least four novels or books to be read thoroughly every year; these are expensive when bought new. Another strategy was spending more hours to review for my academic subjects instead of relying on private tutors that entailed shelling out as much as $50 per hour. I also refrained from attending the prom night which saved my family spending around $300. I started waking up earlier to prepare home-made sandwiches which my brother and I brought to school; instead of buying expensive fast food meals or the favorite Chipotle burritos. This strategy necessitated doing away with servants who were also tasked to do the weekly housecleaning. As such, my brother and I contributed our share of the household chores. Likewise, I gave tutor lessons to my next-door neighbors’ children at very minimal charges. Also, instead of going out for expensive meals and indulging in movies or concerts, we started watching movies at home, listening to music, and playing in-door games as a family. My Mom and Dad even taught me some cooking skills which made dining experience for the family more exciting and memorable.
The time spent together enhanced camaraderie and affirm the love, caring, holistic support, and commitment we all have for each other in those challenging times. We realized our priorities in life. We reverted to appreciating the basic necessities and having to forego excessive wants. As a family, we affirmed our faith through adherence to our values and beliefs.

The experience enabled a deep realization of what to value most in life. Money is only good as it provides people with resources to survive. Yet, people who get to be accustomed with too much money eventually struggle when it is suddenly lost. The more important thing that people should learn is to value one’s family and loved ones; the people who provide holistic and unconditional love and support. Likewise, another lesson learned is that life’s vicissitudes provide opportunities to reflect on one’s ability for resilience, and to be more responsible and accountable for one’s behavior. The knowledge, skills, and abilities gained through the course of one’s personal development should be applied to address challenges that life gives. In the end, our ability to address these challenges would determine whether we have gained the theoretical frameworks and skills set, not only to survive; but to excel and be an inspiration to likewise improve the lives others.

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