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Published: 2021-06-18 07:09:23
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•Identifying and explain how the significant outcomes of the project will occur.
- Considering the current situation of dissatisfaction among the employees and decline in customer satisfaction, an effective Board of Governance will be required to be put in place. It will help in over sighting the behavioral and general efficiency of the employees and operations at large, and also assesses customer satisfaction.
- Clear delineation and coordination of roles to be played by both the employees on various levels and the boards will have to be clearly outlined and coordinated. Since the initial roles were ranging from management to administrative levels and it seemed that everybody was involved in almost every activity in the organization.
- For proper outcomes to be expected, all the heads in the various departments in New Life Behavioral Health Services should have common vision and goals in the organization. This should see a harmonious work output from each department and employee to see the health delivery in at par.
- Structures and processes to guide the Board and all employees toward achieving the new vision should be put in place. A guide on the work specification of each employee should be clearly stipulated and stated. This will assist in avoidance of heavy workload, insufficient clinical supervision and overtime expectations among other strenuous activities. The entire organization should be geared to meet the ever resultant customer satisfaction needs.
- For proper care quality to be achieved, stronger and proper financial strategies and analysis should be put in place. This can be done by ensuring the cases of customers being unsatisfied is brought to a down low or completely neutralized.
- Stronger marketing, including research, advertising and promotions. For this organization to meet the application requirements for the incumbent application period, they will have to prove that they can deliver accordingly. The latter can be achieved through having stronger marketing strategies that includes advertising and having promotions. The moves above would cement the current clients and even attract several more. Running various researches geared on improving the quality of service will be an added advantage to this organization.
- Enhancing credibility and image protecting among stakeholders should be among the key goals of this organization. Incidences such as the death of a child, whose family was under the organizations care, should be dealt with accordingly and avoided at all costs.
- Overall, more proactive direction-setting, decision-making and problem-solving. For the New Life Behavioral Health Services to be an effective organization the management should have proactive measures in place as far decision making and problem solving is concerned.
2. A proper tool for measuring the projects outcome is the pre- and post- tests. This tool assesses not only whether an employee in New Life Behavioral can demonstrate the outcomes of the work give to them, but also how demonstrate what was gained during and after the proposal period is over. The latter suggests that there is need to assess an employee’s knowledge and skills before the proposal project and then after the implementation of the proposal is through.
Initial project activities and deliverables
In an organizational assessment and development planning, that encompasses initial assessment and the recommendations to follow on, a written assessment report on the outcomes and an organizational development plan will indeed be sufficient to address the issues in relation to the outcomes described in this particular report. Below are the activities and deliverables.
- New Life Behavioral Board development includes engaging the entire organization, to a comprehensive, and a step-by-step material guideline for the critical and current Board activities that largely results to a written Board Development Plan.
- Strategic planning of the health services offered that includes customizing planning processes, identifying and clarifying of the critical issues (which in our case can be, the dissatisfaction in both the employees and customers) and also specific strategies that addresses issues that will result in a flexible, realistic, and relevant strategic plan to meet the issues.
- Leadership and supervisory development that includes identifying the performance goals for each employees and position within this health offering unit. Clarifying roles (similar to job description) and customizing employee performance through management system monitoring, together with the intensified step-by-step guidelines for the vital leadership and supervisory realms. Having a staffing and an updated handbook should keep personnel policies in check. This is highly missing in the case of New Life Behavioral Health Services since the organization lacked sufficient clinical supervision and support as well.
Project Work Plan
Ongoing Coaching for Change Management and Learning
Coaching is normally focused on the success of the evaluation and implementation of the Strategic Plan. This will result in an overall successful organizational experienced through development and efforts towards change. Learning can then be identified, listed and documented then shared repeatedly during the project duration. This will largely help the ‘New Life’ employees and management in various aspects. The coaching can be achieved through?
- For every two weeks, a half-hour coaching session with a Chief Executive Officer for approximately 7 months will be in order for every employee.
- Also every month, coaching sessions for half-hour coaching sessions with a Board Chair for a period of 7 months is advisable as well for the New Life departmental heads.
Below are the five phase to be incorporated in the project work plan.
Phase 1: Organizational Assessment and also Development Planning
- A review of the New Life organizational information, for instance; current activities, products and services, and history.
- Quick coordinate of the, comprehensive, practical assessment of the possible internal functions is carried out. Most, preferably an input from vital employees and Board members, and then producing a written Organizational Report on New Life’s assessment.
- Providing written Organizational Development Plan addressing issues that will be described in the assessment report such as the one with child endangerment.
Phase 2: Developing “Plan for Plan” for Strategic Plan
Plan-for-Plan specifies on the parameters for developing a Strategic Plan, and also addresses the following priorities.
- New Life Board members being oriented about the strategic planning, purpose and their individual or group role in the planning process.
- Focusing the Strategic Planning for a period of one-year inconsideration of the internal systems development that address issues described within the Organizational Assessment Report.
- Having a Planning Committee comprised of Board Chair, C.E.O, Chairs of committees, and key employees in place to oversee development of the Strategic Plan and who would help in cases of ethics breaching in the case of the child dying under their watch.
- Analysis of how New Life’s Board members and employees can contribute in the strategic planning, and thereafter, refining a schedule plan of activities for three months schedule to approve and develop the Strategic Plan document and in consideration of the health product and services offered.
Phase 3: Identification of Strategic Goals and Objectives
Based on the pertinent issues raised in the Assessment Report, the goals for the Strategic Plan might take into consideration of the initial project activities and deliverables. It is important to note that the goals may not be achieved with the four month period after the New Life’s Strategic Plan document has been developed and approved. During planning, the planner may modify the following.
- Establishment of financial procedures and policies, more so, in relation to zero-based and budget balancing, and product-based budgeting, resulting in an approval of Fiscal Policies and Procedures in cahoots with the Finance Board Committee.
- Staff analysis is then done to identify and organize the required expertise needed to perform the implementation of the Strategic Plan. This is required since the employees at New Life and underperforming. Supporting products and services, modifying the job descriptions and performance management analysis and together with compensation systems analysis, will result in an improved up-to-date job description.
- Sustaining the public relations which are key to the stakeholders. It conveys a transformed business, resulting into a public relations campaign and guided by the Marketing Board Committee. Issues like the one where the kid dies under New Life’s watch is bad news to their investors and any another planning to join them.
Phase 4: Action Plans to Implement the Strategic Plan
- Having action plans (in the Strategic Plan) to specify each strategic goal:
- Responsibilities of all the employees.
- Deadlines to be adhered to.
- Objectives
- Action plans will also encompass,
-Staff planning and operating budget
- Action plans can also include one-year schedule development whereby the Strategic Plan should be implemented. Status reports on the level of implementation should also be presented to the Board and involved key employees.
Phase 5: Development and Approval of the Strategic Plan Document
It includes:
- Drafting of the New Life’s Strategic Plan document.
- Reviewing done by the New Life’s senior management and Board.
- Approval also done by the Board of Directors of New Life Behavioral Health Services.
•Describe factors that may impact the activities and deliverables
- Having an incompetent or a work force that is not willing to accept change may hinder the process involved in the planning project.
- Having a major focus on the strategic planning may bring in some short comings from the areas that are being less considered. Hence, a general overview is advisable.
- In the overseeing committee, there might be some members who a rigid to change in the event they disagree with the majorities decisions. Therefore, proactive measures should be taken into consideration in handling such individuals.
- In finding the proper frame work of showing how the Board and employees should contribute in the process, individual’s position in the organization comes into play and therefore, should be considered.
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