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Published: 2021-06-18 06:12:10
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The purpose of a pen is used to apply ink on a surface such as paper for writing or drawing with different types like ink pen, ball pen, mechanical pen, and fountain pen and many colors (Searcy, 2010). For many, a pen is just a simple instrument in writing. In a deep sense, for me a pen is a helpful tool for a person with an artistic mind and heart. It can contribute changes in the outlook of life through writing. It is everything because I considered a pen as my life and my friend. Without a pen, authors, writers, or artists are nothing, for them a pen is a friend that comforts anytime (Wikina, 2013). My day is not complete without my pen with me. A pen influences the emotional condition of a person; however, it is a simple tool in writing because it helps a person's life lighter in sadness, it adds color in life, and it creates wonder beyond a human's imagination through writing or drawing.

A pen is a significant tool in writing because it helps a person's life lighter during sadness. My pen was my confidant since I was a child. I used to draw my favorite doll and write my favorite poem. When I reached the point of being in love for the first time, my pen was by my side while writing love letters until we broke up with my first boyfriend. When I got married with my husband and my one true love, my life was full of wonderful moments. However, when he passed away, I felt like I also lost mine. I decided to divert myself in writing things to cope with my sadness. I poured my saddest feeling of grief into writing. I felt like my pen comforted me while I was alone and it also motivated me to write all the happy memories of my husband when he was still alive. It made me feel happy and kept me strong when I wrote using my pen.

My pen adds color in my life; I love to draw different things that relate to life. I love to draw flowers, animals, and even cartoon characters using a pen. When I started to draw
I felt renewed and happy. I also love to write poems about love and friendship. The poems I wrote are my inspiration and motivation. It inspires me to write the most wonderful thing that happened in my life especially when my only son was born. Through my pen, I inspired others when they read my creations.

The most important reason why my pen is a useful tool in writing or drawing is that it creates wonder beyond a human's imagination. Using a pen, the world becomes magical; it changes everything by a single stroke in drawing, a single statement in writing (Wikina, 2013).

When you write you can imagine everything like reaching the mysterious beyond and live forever. You can travel places using a pen when you write or draw and have the happiest adventure in life. The human imagination is possible when a person starts to write his thoughts and capture the most wonderful event of his life.

A pen when it is used in writing, or drawing, it influences the emotional condition of a person. I agree that a pen is a significant tool and it helps an artist to pour his thoughts and imaginations that can create wonderful things through his pen, his friend and his life. Life is incomplete for someone who depends on this simple tool; however, this tool creates life. I am incomplete without my pen. It helps me express my feelings whether I am sad or happy. My life is full of colors and others colorful thoughts and imaginations when put into writing or drawing using my pen, everything is perfect. I would say that a pen is the armor of a strong person with a soft heart. When you write or draw, you change the meaning of life.


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