Discovery of Chemistry Personal Statement

Published: 2021-06-18 07:18:38
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Chemistry taught me the importance of perseverance and hard work. When I first started studying chemistry in High School, I thought it was difficult and incomprehensible. I was fortunate enough to have an excellent teacher who made me want to work hard at chemistry and showed me that once you had a good introduction to a field, everything was possible.

The discovery of chemistry taught me patience and discipline and the importance of hard work to accomplish a goal and it changed my life.

One of the life-changing lessons that chemistry gave me was the value of a good educator. A passionate teacher can change your life and is fundamental to the discovery a field. At first I was very afraid of chemistry, but my high school chemistry teacher was cleverer than this, and not so willing to give up on scared high school students. In time, she was able to show us that with a little bit of diligence, chemistry could in fact be easy. As a result of her hard work and caring attention, I became entirely oriented towards chemistry. Whereas at first

I was interested in liberal arts, I suddenly became enchanted with the exactness and certitude that the hard sciences like chemistry offer.

During my undergraduate life, I was very involved with the student body and was responsible for organizing a large charity event that raised money and clothing for the needy. While studying chemistry, I became interested in the biochemistry of cancer and this lead me to cut my hair and donate it to a cancer treatment center in 2009, after many years of growing my hair.

I completed my bachelors of education degree in chemistry. Following my degree, I proceeded to teach chemistry to elementary, middle, and high school students. My teaching philosophy is modeled on my chemistry teacher’s method. I try and make the subject matter fun and show the students the real world applications that chemistry can have in their lives.
The M.S. in chemistry program at Seton Hall would offer me an excellent opportunity to improve my knowledge and continue my learning experiences in the USA. Excellent instructors such as Dr. Murphy, Dr. Buonopane and Dr. Antonacci would provide me with an excellent base of biochemistry and allow me to further pursue and explore my interests.

Coming from Saudi Arabia, living and studying in the United States affords me the opportunity to meet other female researchers and scientists and opens up the field more than I would have been able to in my native country. My degree would be entirely financed by the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, as the government also recognizes the richness and value of acquiring a master’s in material sciences from an institution such as Seton Hall. This program is also a great opportunity to learn more about the chemicals industry and I trust that it would open my eyes to areas I never even connected with chemistry.

I would ultimately like to take what I learn in the United States back to Saudi Arabia and teach girls and young women about my passion for chemistry. I hope to advance chemistry and the sciences in general, as through them, humanity advances and reaches new heights of caring, compassion and mercifulness. Seton Hall would provide me an amazing opportunity to better my native country, and myself and I greatly appreciate your consideration to your program.

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