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Published: 2021-06-18 05:20:25
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The following story is all about a certain drunk’s club, called A.A. The A.A club is a rehabilitation centre for the addicted drunkards and drug takers in the Kansas City. In this centre, there was a meeting held by groups of drunkards and smokers who wanted to quit the habit of drinking. Moreover, among the drunkards and the smokers, they also share their experiences of life how they became addicted to drinking and smoking habits and how they have tried to stop the habits, but all in vain.
The story starts by a scary cover page of a devil pouring a drink in someone’s glass unknowingly. It is an irony because there is no way a Satan can offer someone a drink. It shows how Satan persuades people to alcoholism without their knowledge. The first paragraph of the essay is simply the introduction of the place, the people present and the time of the night it was ‘That winter night, the snow was coming down, making halos in the street light the way it does, and three or four of us were smoking outside the temple.' Moreover, still from this page there are different characters like, Dave who was thrown away by his wife, Bill Wilson who wrote the ‘twelve steps,' Christina D and Clancy.
In Page three of this essay, the narrator defines who he is ‘Like some people grow up southern Baptist or orthodox Jews, I was raised alcoholics anonymous.' It is from this statement that we understand that the writer or narrator is from an alcoholic family. He further explains how his mother left his father for a certain man who sponsored his father at the A.A club. Further, down the page it is clear how A.A works out. The A.A invokes will power while insist on total abstinence to alcohol.
Towards the end of the essay, the narrator stress on the important of the A.A meeting ‘I think of the things I put the head of the meeting, my wife, my kids and my writing, but it is true I could lose them if I do not stay sober.' Through a meeting in Kansas City, they came up with a possible solution to an alcoholic, who was not helped by A.A alone – a mystical experience, LSD and niacin or vitamin b3.
The information in this article matches with the information in the textbooks because they both talk of alcoholism as a dangerous habit when continuously taken without a break. The books and this article further clarify how difficult it is to come out of alcoholism once addicted. In this article, they also talk of the how churches can sometimes help in the rehabilitation of the drunkards and the smokers, in the books they also talks of how getting saved can reduce the level or the rate of drinking alcohols.
I will prefer to study the efficacy of A.A program by looking out for people who want or who are willing to stop the habit of drinking alcohol but cannot, either because of the difficulties in stopping or being addicted to alcohol, then introduce them to the A.A program, one week later I do follow up to the victims and if in case one or two of these people have at least reduces the rate of drinking then, we can conclude that A.A program is working and helping out people. Follow up of this program to the affected people can be done by door to door meeting with them.
The current scientific information about best practices in substance's abuse treatment can be disseminated to judge and lawyers through the media alerts, through the internet and public awareness campaign in public meetings or the churches. The media can either be, through vigorous radio and television announcement. Health centers and hospital are good places to advertise the need of stopping alcoholism.

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