Example Of Temptation Restaurant: An Intercultural Management Project Research Proposal

Published: 2021-06-18 07:09:26
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Culture can be one of the most challenging obstacles in business organization. This is because culture is diverse, and it is beyond the realm of ethical boundaries. By saying culture is beyond ethical boundaries, it means that the culture cannot be argued ethically incorrect because culture is distinct to a given group of people since it is rooted upon traditions. This is being the case, one’s practice, behaviors and principles could be in accordance to one’s cultural beliefs or heritage and no one can argue that is wrong because it has been what defines a community for the longest period of time, perhaps even longer than any existing business in the world. However, this is not to say that an organization should not a culturally diverse workforce because this can, in fact, be a strategic advantage especially in the hospitality industry including in the food and beverage industry.
This is the working environment that exist at Temptation Restaurant right at the heart of Taylor University Malaysia. Aside from being a profit-oriented establishment, the Temptation Restaurant also serves as a training facility for student interns in Food & Beverage and Kitchen Department. Serving a variety of rich culinary dishes from different parts of the globe, the restaurant benefits from its diverse work pool composed of students from China, India, Malay and other parts of the world. In lieu with this, the proponent would like to study how cultural difference significantly affect work performance within the restaurant.
Problem Statement: This study is designed to understand how cultural differences impact work performance at Temptation Restaurant. Specifically, the proponent would like to know whether cultural diversity significantly affects efficiency and productivity of the organization as measured by profit and number of tables served.
The proponent of this study will conduct a descriptive research that would examine a particular population and phenomenon. In the case of this paper, the proponent would like to know what effect does cultural diversity has over the work performance of the employees, as well as the performance of the organization. It will take into consideration several dependent variables in identifying the impact of cultural diversity in the workforce. The dependent variables to be used in this study include communication skills, Trompenaars’ seven values orientation, the five factors in Geert Hofstede's Model and finally, the nine cultural dimensions under the Globe Model.
The proponent will conduct a survey that would include Temptation Restaurant’s F&B manager, the training supervisor and the student interns. A survey questionnaire will be constructed for the purpose of this study. The result will be computed using frequency, statistical mean and Pearson Prentice Moment Coefficient.

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