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Published: 2021-06-18 06:12:34
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General education (GE) courses, which are a part of a student’s program of study, are required minor subject. Typically, prior to a learner taking up the major or specialization subjects, GE courses serve as a pre-requisite to a student’s field of study. Some GE subjects include English composition, college algebra, general pyschology, sociology, government, history, arts, humanities, and so forth. Most GE courses are preliminary interdisciplinary subjects to a student’s major subjects because they are necessary for multicultural understanding in today’s world of professional work.

Further, the GE courses are necessary because they help students broaden their background in the various disciplines as they are prepared academically to pursue their field of specialization. The said courses also aid learners to think critically, creatively, and morally on contemporary issues. Moreover, students learn to deliver better persuasive and yet reasonable judgments on arguments that require numerical and literary problem solving adeptness various areas of disciplines. The breadth and depth of students’ academic knowledge expand as the GE professors facilitate their learning while they also collaborate with their peers. Not only that, students also learn the great ideas, significant themes, and various research findings in various aspects of human and non-human life, as well as, on how new knowledge is created and transferred for the benefits of multicultural communities, societies or the world, in general.

With the GE courses, learners acquire the skills and values to appreciate the diverse voices and perspectives that may abound in any democratic educational and societal settings. The kind of intellectual, psychological, sociological, and suchlike disciplinary competencies will help students become responsible global citizens as they evaluate information much more efficaciously to attain their academic and career goals in this fast changing world.

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