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Published: 2021-06-18 05:11:43
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Human beings are two-legged social animals. Unlike other animals, human beings have responsibilities. Besides all cruel and animal-like behaviors of human beings, we have sixth sense, which is not found in other species on earth. Still other species have senses but they have one to five senses that human beings also possess. The sixth sense shows ourselves different from other beings and gives us the ability to think and that leads us to innovate new technologies, which may harm the environment. Because of the rapid advancement in technology, we become the reason for the destruction of many livings on earth. We are polluting and spoiling the natural resources as well as other living and nonliving things. In the life cycle of living beings, everyone and everything depend upon other for sustain in this world. If we keep on destroying the resources and species on earth, one day or other we will b only existent in the world. Several species in the world are under endangering condition. There may be plethora of reasons that cause danger to the species. Natural calamities are causing major destruction to the living beings, but we so-called human beings are causing danger to that nature. We are cutting trees and hunting animal that threaten the nature and other species. We human beings are also animals, yet we have responsibilities not to spoil other animals and it is our duty to preserve other species, which other living beings do not have to do, and they are not causing any wrong to the environment. They are simple living their lifecycle. However, what we are doing is more hazardous and we become the reason for many species become endangered. Like other animals and species in the world, we are also dependent on other things in the world; if we want to sustain in the world we are highly in need of support from nature, environment, and other beings: starting from single-celled bacteria to multi-celled man. We are gaining more from nature and other species, and more controversially, we are one causing danger to the other species.
Human beings are one among the species in the world. As we are depending on each other, it is one of our responsibilities to preserve the other species to lead our life long. Otherwise, there will be no traces of human beings in earth. We will also lose our life along with the other animals and beings. We are using natural resources excessively that reduces the natural resources, which is great threat to the natural resources. Nowadays, no can thing of living without the technology, as it is rapidly growing second by second. Advancement in technology becomes the greatest threat to all the beings in the world including human beings. Human beings take their food, shelter, etc. from nature. Therefore, we are destroying slowly everything around us. It is not our duty or responsibility to save other species; the only thing that can make every human being to take care of the nature and the living and nonliving beings that is let us think we are killing and reducing our own lives by destroying and spoiling the other species. Technology cannot be separated from the life of ours, but what we all can do is use that technology in constructive way. If we use it unnecessarily or in a destructive way, it will be ended up in the destruction of the human being. Anyone can now accept and understand that we are the destroyer of the other species; so, it is our duty to preserve nature and other species not for the sake of their existence but for the life of ours. By preserving nature and other beings on earth, we can lead peaceful life. If not, we have to look for natural resources from other country or continent that will lead us to fight with each other due to the scarcity of the natural sources as well as food and shelter. As human beings are responsible for the destruction of the other species, then it is responsibility of human beings to preserve them from danger. Everything lies in our hands whether we are moving towards destruction by destroying other species or living by preserving nature as well as the other species.
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