Free Research Proposal About Green Sea Turtles

Published: 2021-06-18 07:10:02
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In this project we are going to discuss a topic about Green Sea Turtles. Their population decline, the main reason for this decline. Different effects on Green Sea Turtles that may vary from human f to environmental problem. Current conversation efforts that are done for species.
The Green Sea Tuttle well-known as green turtle or Pacific green turtle is a huge species of turtles that come from the Cheloniidae family. The name was given because of its green fatness that can be found underneath turtle’s carapace. Green Sea Turtles is the only one type of species that have Chelonia genesis.
This type of species have a bowl-type body covered with large carapace. Carapace color is based on population parts, which varies through tropical or subtropical seas. There are two distinct populations that are met in Atlantic or Pacific Ocean. Paddle-like flippers allow this threatened species to move fast underneath the water. According to sea turtle branch tree, Chelonia mydas is the only herbivore type in its family. Old mammals usually feed their children with different species of sea grasses. This kind of turtles travel through long distances in order to obtain any kind of food. Turtle islands are getting popular nowadays, because of Green Turtles hatching on their beaches. Female type species is an “owl-type” turtles, which means, that they dig holes or lay eggs only at night.
As the time flows, different aspects of our world have changed sea turtle conservations to global protection. Such threats as pollution of the oceans, nest loss and fishing have dramatically reduced their numbers. Human actions brought a severe threat to sea turtles survivability. Plastic bags that were thrown by the human into the ocean usually floats above the water reminding them of their food, so the turtles die because of suffocation. Actions like hunting or egg harvesting brought a reduction in population. Over the centuries, turtles were "canned" by a long voyage sailors. However, the barbaric treatment of green turtles was characteristically not only for medieval sailors. At the end of the last century it was possible to observe the fishermen doing a real massacre: turtles were caught and thrown on the beaches opened with shells, remnants of the surf and meat were carried away. Fortunately, now this species have nothing to threat as many countries banned the green turtle hunting. Let's hope that in the future, a time will come, when the green turtle can go ashore without fear of meeting the man.
As this species has threatened conservation, government tries to create an ideal place for turtles. Midway Island is a good example. On the beaches of Midway Island, located in the northern part of the Pacific Ocean, it is possible to find a very rare green sea turtles. Here they swim in groups of 40 or more individuals. Turtle Beach is one of the few places where sea turtles can remain safe under the protection of the law. Ban on fishing helps sea turtles not to bump into fishing nets and deadly hooks. To create an ideal place for this species, fishing was banned and visitors were kept away on 100 meters.
This type of species moved from unrestricted exploitation to global protection. It is important to save this type of species because of its decreasing population.
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