Good Article Review On The Good, The Bad, And The Daily Show

Published: 2021-06-18 05:20:20
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- Zinser points out several positive and negative aspects of what he calls “fake news shows”. He closely examines “The Dailey Show”, he points out that these types of shows are harmful because they often report fake news that is not verified or had sources checked. He also states that “The Daily Show” doesn’t present a clear picture of the news stories and often only offers partial truths and filled in with bias or satire. Zinser questions if comedians have the correct credentials to present news. He also states that the goal of these shows is to entertain not present reliable news stories. However, the positive aspects he points out are that a different set of viewers that may not watch traditional news programs. The stories are often shorter and more entertaining, keeping viewers engaged and interested in world events.
- Zinser asks these questions because he wants the public to think about what we should expect from the media. He wants to know what their roles are and their influence on society.
- Objectivity is important in making sure that everything reported is accurate and from reliable sources. Reality and truth are important if we are to fully understand important news worthy events and understand how to react to them.
- In the episode I saw Jon Stewart was discussing candidate Romney’s ability to relate to average Americans. He begins by criticizing Romney for being born in a wealthy family, having wealth that exceeds the national average, and states that he does not pay taxes. While wealth may be an issue in related the facts were not fully objective. One would have to analysis his wealth, find valid facts as to why this effects his ability to relate, also facts as to if he pays his taxes or not would not be that hard to verify instead of generalizing.

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