Good Biography About Allan Walker A Successful Business Man Who Runs A Car Wash. He Started Small

Published: 2021-06-18 05:21:12
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Allan Walker is one of the most successful sole proprietors in Sigel town. He owns a Car wash that has grown from a very small shade where cars would get washed, to a big place where people can take their cars to be washed and sit back and have a drink of a bite as they wait for the car to be finished washing. He says that he got the idea of starting a car was in Sigel after one day, as was idling around, and he noticed how there are very many people in Sigel who own cars. In fact, every house hold owns at least two cars. You would see them drive their cars in and out of their parkings to schools, colleges and offices. He realized that most of these people were driving dirty cars. He thought of how much he would make if he started washing those cars. He started a small survey of counting all the dirty cars that were being driven in Sigel village. There more than 200 cars and that was reason enough for Allan Walker to borrow money from his uncle and started a car wash place.
He started with a small car wash place at Sigel ’54 AA. This was a good thing for many people because many people are so busy, and they cannot wash their own cars. People in Sigel are very busy with their every day’s activities. Most of the Sigel population is busy with work. Others are busy with studies, while others deal with both studying and working. No one seemed to have time to wash their vehicle. For this population, a car wash was the best thing ever. Nobody complained about the prices or anything else whatsoever. People would walk into the place and get their cars washed and go away with their clean cars (Kaputa, 19). Eventually, Walker noticed that he was getting a lot of work, so he got someone to assist him. With time, he realized that when people come to his carwash, they sit down idle as they wait for their cars to be washed, so he brought more seats and tables and opened a small fat food shop and a beverages shop for people to help themselves as they waited for their cars to be cleaned. With time, the place that started like a joke and a funny idea had grown into a big successful business that required admiration.
Allan Walker managed to juggle through managing the car washing activities, the fast food selling activity and ensuring that his customers got the best. He was now the manager and he always strives hard to deliver the best of results to his clients. His customers loved him, and most of them took their cars to him, whenever they would become dirty. Other people would just drive there to grab a bite or a drink (Kaputa, 24). The services that he delivered were outstanding and could not be compared to any other business around the village. All people were thrilled and happy because one of the needs that had been so difficult for them to meet had been met by one person, who even extends to as far as feeding them and refreshing them with other refreshments.
Sometimes, on weekends of public holidays, one would see people with their wives and children walk into the Walker Carwash. Perhaps they may be coming from the church, for a ride or even visiting their relatives (Kaputa, 21). They would stop, take a seat, order for a meal, eat, and wait for their cars to be washed. The place where the Walker Carwash is located has a good breeze that allows people to relax. It is not a very busy place hence; it is a cool and quiet place just most people who experience busy days like. The come to rest and have a meal at an affordable price. His business grew and with time he was able to start a place for children to play, this was started so that when parents take their cars to be washed on weekend or over the holidays, they would get busy playing on swings and bouncing castles. Eventually, he got so many workers who worked under him (Kaputa, 13). He also hired an accountant and other senior staff to help him to run the business. He also kept receiving more and more applications from interns and other people who wished to work for him
In conclusion, it is clear that there are many business ideas out there. It only requires people like Allan Walker to notice them and put the ideas into plans and get funds to implement their business ideas. It is also important to know that having an idea and implementing it is not enough. It also requires creativity and innovation to grow a business and be successful. From the time Walker Car Wash was started about one year ago, things have changed in Sigel, and many people become happy. Up to date, Walker Car Wash the leading car wash in Sigel and one of the most successful businesses in Sigel.
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Kaputa, Catherine. U R a Brand: How Smart People Brand Themselves for Business Success. Mountain View, Calif: Davies-Black Pub, 2005. Print.

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