Liability In Professional Practice Course Works Examples

Published: 2021-06-18 06:10:55
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Response to Lisa’s posting’

DUTY: Yes. There was a duty to act since the nurse was supposed to look after the patient and ensure that he was in a safe environment as stated on the code of ethics of the Texas board of nursing (Westrick, 2014).

Breach, why or why not? Yes. There was a breach of duty, since the nurse was supposed to take off the patient, but she did not do so. She did not even follow the doctor’s orders to check on the patient every two hours and record down the progress (Texas Board of Nursing Bulletin, 2004).

Causation: yes, there was causation of the patient’s injury since she did not monitor his progress that would have prevented the damage from occurring.

Potential or possible damages wife and kids may receive? Yes, the family may receive damages for the loss occurred due to the negligence for the financial support and moral support.

Defenses: no. The defense would not be plausible since there was no evidence of the patient contradicting any orders given to him by the medical practitioners leading to his injuries (Texas Board of Nursing Bulletin, 2004).

TBON actions: Yes, the Texas board of nursing may undertake any of the measures after a formal hearing and a decision reached.

Response to Lindsay’s posting’

The duty the nurse had with the patient? Yes, the nurse’s duty was to monitor the patient’s blood glucose and daily leaving.
Was there breach of duty or not? No, there was no breach since the nurse performed her duties it was just a mistake on reading the instruction but at least she performed her duties.

Is there causation present in the case? Yes, there was causation since the nurse could have administered the right medication to correct the low blood sugar to correct the low blood sugar.

Potential damages the kids and wife might receive? Yes, they may be awarded damages due sustain themselves since the death was as a result of the nurses breach of duty (Westrick, 2014).

Plausible defenses the defense may use for the nurse and facility? Yes. There are no defenses available for the nurse to use for his actions.
What possible actions may be taken by the TBON against the nurse? Yes, the Texas board of nursing may impose punishments and undertake disciplinary actions to the nurse.


Texas Board of Nursing Bulletin. Austin, Tex: State of Texas Board of Nurse Examiners, 2004. Print.
Westrick, S.J. (2014). Essentials of Nursing Law and Ethics. (2nd Ed.)

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