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Published: 2021-06-18 06:12:29
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I agree with the claim that terrorism will never have an ethical explanation. No matter what its form is it brings a negative impact in the lives of the people affected by the act. For instance, the 9/11 terrorism act has changed the cycle of lives of not only the Americans but many people around the world. It provided deep scars to the survivors and a gaping hole in the hearts of the people who lost their loved ones in the incident. It also caused a domino effect of racism towards Muslim people, because people unconsciously are observed to have a negative image towards the race.

This act has subjected the security agencies to conduct racial profiling, that caused clamor due to its ethical consideration. Terrorism is a plagued to society because it provides a hostile environment to people, people are now wary of their surroundings and fear that anytime they might lose their lives.


Terrorism creates an unending battle field, because it uproots people from their homelands to fight in other countries in order to protect their nation. I agree that terrorism is not ethical because it has caused many people to do horrific things. Despite the claim that some terrorist groups consider themselves heroes due to their fighting on behalf of their cause, it is still wrong to express political sentiments at the expense of the lives many innocent civilians.

Many soldiers are designated in areas far from home without even the guarantee that they will return. I feel that sad and angered everytime I hear news of soldiers dying; because I know that their families’ lives will never be the same again. Terrorism has no room in society, no matter in what form it kills humanity and strip people from an environment that they can enjoy living a normal life. It has turned races against each other.

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