The Investment Decisions Course Work Example

Published: 2021-06-18 06:10:21
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There is an inconsistency of the condition, and it is considered an ethical dilemma. It is very certain to conduct a screening in the investment channels ethically. Generally, the investors avoid those firms that pay high dividends, but are bad for the society. The main concern is to understand the moral features in relation to the carbon footprints; it is not advantageous for society. Thus, investments in such firms that pollute the environment should not be made. Such investment may not produce great returns and verge on being acts of charity. In this connection, I would prefer to sell the stock and look for other good prospects in the market. The principle applied in making this decision is an ethical investment.

As ethical-minded investor is always concerned about where the money is invested and from where it makes good returns . The channeling of the money would be productive, and a profitable investment earns an immediate income. Ethical investing used ethical models to screen companies where to invest, business is ethical if it attracts investors who seek ethically minded corporation; ethically minded investors can influence culture and ethics corporately. Ethical investing does not allow any shares of companies whose business conduct conflicts with the morals in your portfolio.

Even the company’s website says that it uses a high proportion of its profits to invest in green and renewable fuels of the future; appropriate screening is necessary to ensure that the environment is free from damages. The investors who are mindful of the potential negative effects of carbon emissions on climate change or global warming, the corporate producers of carbon dioxide emissions are chief among the companies to be avoided . To check the credibility of the company and its website, you can check the Better Business Bureau or BBB; it maintains strict standards in the way they conduct business. The BBB will give ratings of the business and any claims that people who dealt with that company. In addition, a person can file a claim with a company on the website.

The investment decisions are influenced both by financial and moral considerations. In this perspective, from where I previously belong surely would sell the stock. The company has conscious decisions about their investment, and it is responsible socially and with strong codes of ethics implemented for years.


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