Oxford Schools Projects

Renovating School Facilities

Here at Oxford School we work with many educational organisations including; schools, higher education course providers and night time teaching facilitators. Over the past 5 years there have been huge changes made to the food that children are being given for lunch in schools. They are becoming healthier and of a higher quality.

We have worked with many schools in the Oxford area to assist them in this transition. A dilemma that occurred in many primary and secondary schools in the area was that they did not have the kitchen facilities to work to the new nutritional guidelines.

We found a local kitchen design and installation company here in Oxfordshire who helped us refurbish and install new kitchens in the educational facilities that were in need of it the most. The design team incorporated all of the schools needs including lots of serving tabletops and large ovens to assist the kitchen staff create the mass amount of food required.

Expanding the curriculum

We supply 100 different addition cards for Spanish teachers which contain basic sums to get children used to adding things up using different numbers.

Addition cards are supplied in packs of 20.

The cards are numbered so that the teacher/helper can keep track of the cards that the children have used.

We believe that by alternating between finding the answers and writing out the information the children will not get stifled and the tables are quickly imprinted in the child's subconscious.

A recent project was for student to combine theoretical knowledge with practice. The students were helping out redoing the pipe work around the school and helping to sort out pipe work problems. A local plumbing company near Oxford helped with fitting and installing new pipe work and solved any problems we had.

Speed tables are available in a variety of sizes, with the smallest size being ideal for a child to keep in a pencil case.

Current Medical Literature publications are distributed in over 40 countries worldwide with the support of educational grants from pharmaceutical companies. The medical profession around the globe recognises the name of Current Medical Literature as synonymous with quality and accuracy. At the same time, our ever-expanding pharmaceutical company client list bears testimony to the high level of service and reliability we offer.